Something Borrowed

a film by Luke Greenfield

Perhaps it is a chick thing (he said knowing full well some feminist is going to come crawling out of the proverbial woodwork and lambast him for using such a term) but I just did not get this movie. Perhaps Something Borrowed is just one of those movies that can only be enjoyed by that bewildering demographic that would cry at a movie like The Proposal or My Best Friend's Wedding. I don't know. I just don't know. But here I am anyway trying to make sense of the whole thing. Well, as they say, here goes nothing.

First off, no one in their right cinematic mind would go into Something Borrowed with any expectations of seeing a good movie. So going in I knew full well what I would be up against - and against it I was. Granted, the film isn't as god-awful as some may claim it to be, but it sure makes a good run for that title in the meantime. The film is one cliche after another. To use the obvious pun - Something Borrowed certainly has things borrowed, blue and old, but nowhere will you find anything even remotely new.

Basically, the story goes as such - Rachel and Darcy (Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson respectively) are best friends, and have been since childhood, but Rachel is in love with Darcy's fiancée Dex (played by Colin Egglesfield because apparently Josh Duhamel was unavailable), and has been since before she introduced him to Darcy. Now here it is six years later and just weeks before the wedding, and finally Rachel gets up the nerve to say something to Dex. Blah blah blah blah blah. So far so boring. And it doesn't get any better from here.

Now there are several things wrong with this picture (other than the obvious cliche'd storyline). First off, who in their right mind would pick Kate Hudson's Darcy over Ginnifer Goodwin's Rachel. Darcy is an obnoxious, self-centered, idiot while Rachel is adorable and intelligent. Why would Rachel even be in love with someone who is attracted to the likes of a Darcy. For that matter, why are these two even friends in the first place, and when the proverbial shit hits the fan (an inevitable fact that has no need for a spoiler alert preface) why is Rachel so upset that Darcy no longer wants to be friends?

All these characterization questions aside (but really!? Hudson over Goodwin!? C'mon!!) Something Borrowed never entirely tanks - even though it comes awfully close. If the film were to have a saving grace (which it most certainly does not) it would be John Krasinski as Ethan, Rachel's best friend (putting a tiny twist on the tired gay best friend routine, here we have the best friend who is only pretending to be gay). The star of The Office is really the only one who even seems to be trying (which may be a bit unfair to the lovely Ms. Goodwin who manages to at least keep her head above water here) and does his best with what little he has to work with (which includes the one and only truly funny scene in the whole damn movie - led by Krasinski's acerbic wit).

All in all, Something Borrowed comes off rather tired and formulaic with a nonsense script (at least this male critic cannot fathom it) and a bunch of actors (several with actual acting ability) merely flailing about as if lost in some sort of poorly manufactured chick flick cinematic maelstrom. And really, I just don't get it. Kate Hudson over Ginnifer Goodwin!? Even a willing suspension of disbelief won't help you here. [05/11/11]