a film by Paul Feig

Late in the movie Bridesmaids, a character played by an uncredited Jon Hamm says the line "It's called humor. You should learn it." Never has a more ironic line been spoken, for there is barely a speck of humour in the whole of Bridesmaids. In fact the film is just awful. Even once you get past the completely unnecessary but quite ubiquitous bathroom humour (which incidentally received the loudest howls of laughter from the audience around me - as they say, shit sells) the film just sort of lays there, just waiting for something funny to happen. It never does.

Okay, it happened exactly twice for this critic, and both times I found myself laughing were pure Kristen Wiig, doing what Kristen Wiig does. Perhaps if the rest of the film were pure Wiig it would have been a whole hell of a lot better. And this is actually the saddest part of all since Kristen Wiig actually co-wrote the script for the film. But still, even with this pedigree (Wiig is by far the best thing to happen to SNL in years), we are left with a movie that runs the gamut from uncomfortable and awkward to downright disgusting.

Many are inexplicably claiming Bridesmaids strikes a powerful blow for women's rights, and I suppose if allowing women to be as foul and repulsive as men in movies (one scene in particular involves these ladies vomiting on each others heads and shitting in a sink in the posh rest room of a bridal shop) is a strike for women's rights then they are correct. The film has been called, on multiple occasions, the female Hangover - a movie that is the veritable head and shoulders above this one. Of course pandering to this lowest common denominator of comedy (Judd Apatow is a producer after all) is not this critic's idea of striking a blow for anything - except perhaps the safeguarding of future shit and vomit jokes.

It is a shame really, because Wiig, along with castmate and good friend Maya Rudolph (the bride amongst maids here), are talented comediennes and deserve much much better than this just god-awful train wreck of a movie. Like I said, they should have went pure Wiig, and allowed her free reign to do what she does so well everywhere else. Then again, any movie that reunites one of the most annoying pop groups of the eighties (and not ironically) doesn't deserve our sympathy anyway. I won't tell you who it is, and thus become a spoiler, but instead just allow you to be surprised come movie's end. The good thing about their appearance though - it means the movie is finally over and you can go home. [05/25/11]